BMCE: A leading Moroccan bank with African ambitions - 20/05/2013

BMCE is a full service bank and the third largest in Morocco in terms of size and market shares. It also has an outstanding track record in sub-Saharan Africa
Under the leadership of its Chairman and CEO, Othman Benjelloun, BMCE has stood out as a real success story in the Kingdom of Morocco. BMCE is Morocco’s most prominent bank in the international and continental arena, reaching out to some thirty countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.
BMCE is strongly positioned for retail and corporate banking, providing services to a diversified client base through a regionally decentralised network of 630 branches nationwide. The bank also offers financial services through specialised subsidiaries in consumer credit, leasing, factoring, debt collection and credit insurance. BMCE enjoys a strong reputation in investment banking and is active on the capital markets, mainly through trading, stock brokerage, asset management, custody, and advisory activities.
The presence of BMCE overseas has its roots in its initial mission as a key player in foreign trade. It was the first Moroccan bank to
establish an international presence when it opened its Paris branch in 1972. The European activities are led by BMCE Bank International London and BMCE Bank International Madrid, who provide the group’s platform in Europe by routing investments to Africa. Besides, the bank has some twenty representative offices through which it promotes trade and investment with Morocco and develops the Moroccan Living Abroad business. For that purpose, the bank established BMCE Euroservices, a dedicated business unit in charge of the MLA. In addition to offices in France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, and the UAE, BMCE operates in China through its Beijing office.
Sub-Saharan Africa
In sub-Saharan Africa, the group has established an outstanding track record. Back in the late 1980s, BMCE successfully turned around the state owned bank, la Banque de Développment du Mali. Likewise in 2003, the BMCE restructured la Congolaise de Banque, the first commercial bank in Congo Brazzaville.
The acquisition of Bank of Africa, one of the leading pan-African banking Groups present in 15 countries and in which BMCE controls more than 68 per cent, has spurred growth and given a new momentum to the expansion strategy in the continent. African operations account today for one third of the group’s earnings.
BMCE also stands out as a model in CSR. This can be seen through the endeavors of the BMCE Bank Foundation, to which the bank devotes four per cent of its gross income, a unique practice in the region. BMCE Bank Foundation has created the Medersat.Com programme, bringing together schooling and community development in rural areas. It has expanded its reach and has also built schools in Mali, Senegal and Congo Brazzaville.
BMCE Bank Group at a glance

  • 19bn euros of total assets;
  • Presence in 27 countries worldwide;
  • More than 1000 branches;
  • 4 million customers;
  • More than 10,000 employees.

CSR & Sustainable development

  • 192 school and pre-school units built and equipped;
  • Approximately 400 teachers recruited & trained;
  • Approximately 15,000 pupils;
  • 6,000 adults benefited from literacy training, 80% of which are women and girls;
  • 60 development projects;
  • First bank in the Maghreb region to join the Equator Principles;
  • First bank in the MENA region to be certified ISO 14001 in environmental management.

Further information
BMCE Bank Morocco t: +212-522-498-003 fax: +212-522-264-965 • BMCE Bank International Madrid t: +34 91 575 68 00 fax: +34 91 431 63 10 • BMCE Bank International London t: +44 (0) 207 429 5500 fax: +44 (0) 207 248 8595 • Bank of Africa t: + 221 33 88 95 500 fax: +221 33 82 34 196

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